Mica Mania

Full Day $120
Evening and Full Day $150
Materials Fee: $20 Includes: 15 bezels and ephemera

Make your own shining, domed charms that show off your own collages, artwork, and ephemera.
We will create tiny works of art, and preserve them in premade solid and open bezels. Bring your own tiny treasures and use freely from my own collection.
We will cover safety and handling of a variety of 2 part resin products, as well as managing air bubbles, repair, and layered collage.
If time permits, we will make coloured resin, and create and use molds as well.

What to bring?

Tiny things to put in small bezels -1/4 inch to 1 inch across. Natural or metal things work well. Some kinds of plastic dissolve, but there is no way of knowing what will and won’t, so consider the value you have for the object you are going to imbed.
Pointy small scissors for tiny collages.
Paper or fabric (or ??) to create tiny collages..
If you have any punches that are circles, squares or ovals, please bring them. If they happen to fit some of our bezels, collage backgrounds can more accurately be cut.

Please also bring:

Indoor shoes, a work apron, (resin does not come out of fabric) lunch and a small sturdy box to take home your pieces, they will need to be protected until the resin is completely cured (48 hours).

Please note:

The work area is well ventilated, with access to fresh air at all times. We will be using a low odour resin for the majority of our creations.