What I Do

I  have been a collector for as long as i can remember. Small repeating objects like teeth, buttons, stones, beads, and boxes all fascinate me. I  collect fabric, metal , wood, and paper.  Many, many pieces of paper.  I collect hundreds of things that no one else wants.  Those things always make me puzzle, what could be done with them.

Although I love to work large, I have a particular passion for jewellery. I am happiest when what I have made looks ancient and weathered, like some long ago artifact that has been worn, repaired and loved.

Although I doodle designs and take snaps like mad, I don’t look at them  while I am working, I just begin. I add and take away bits and pieces of things that I have made or found.

If i can’t find the right thing, I try something else.  Or make what I think I need.  Or start over.  Or set it aside…..

to add  to my collections.

I can’t use any of those beautiful art words like evoke or resonate or inspire. I just build until it is done.